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History Of 18 September | On This Day In World

History Of 18 September | On This Day In World

In the history of the World, some other important events recorded on the date of 18 September are as follows: -

➧ 1502: Christopher Columbus reached Costa Rica. This was the fifth and last stop of his journey.

➧ 1810: Chile declared its independence from Spain.

➧ 1851: The first edition of The New York Daily Times newspaper was published.

➧ 1899: Rajnarayan Bose, a famous writer of Bengali language and one of the thinkers of the Bengali Renaissance, passed away.

➧ 1919: Women got the right to vote in Holland.

➧ 1947: The National Security Act was approved.

➧ 1950: Shabana Azmi, Bollywood actress, was born. She is the daughter of famous poet and lyricist Kaifi Azmi.

➧ 1958: 'Bharat Ratna' respected freedom fighter, social worker and educationist Bhagwan Das passed away.

➧ 1967: Nagaland recognized the English language for work.

➧ 1978: In the presence of US President Jimmy Carter, Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat and Israel's Prime Minister Menachem Began agree to peace.

➧ 1986: For the first time, women pilots flew jets between Bombay and Goa.

➧ 1987: US President Ronald Reagan announced that 1000 nuclear missiles would be eliminated in the coming few years.

➧ 1988: The constitution of Burma was revoked.

➧ 1992: Mohammad Hidayatullah, the first Muslim Chief Justice of India and the first acting President, passed away.

➧ 2003: The first bus service was started between Agartala and Dhaka.

➧ 2012: Uterus of two mothers were transplanted to their daughters for the first time in the world at the University of Gothenburg.

➧ 2019: The Indian government proposed a ban on e-cigarettes.

➧ 2020: The historic Kosi Rail Maha Setu was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi through video conference. The Government of India had approved the Mega Bridge Line project in Bihar in 2003-2004.

➧ 2020: The Paytm app was removed from the Google Play Store for allegedly violating Google's gambling policies.

➧ 2020: The Homeopathy Central Council (Amendment) Bill, 2020, was passed in the Rajya Sabha. This bill was amended in the Homeopathy Central Council Act, 1973.

➧ 2020: Udit Singhal, an 18-year-old youth from India, was named by the United Nations in the 2020 Class of 17 Youth Leaders for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). He was named in the 2020 list of young leaders promoting the Sustainable Development Goals.

➧ 2020: Retired Colonel Dr. Girija Shankar Mungali was appointed a member of the Task Force of the Asian Football Confederation. There were 7 members in this task force.

➧ 2020: Arundhati Roy's new book "Azadi: Freedom. Fascism. Fiction" was published by Penguin Books Ltd. This non-fiction book is a collection of essays that showcase the meaning of freedom in a world of increasing authoritarianism.

➧ 2020: Former Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) chief, Anil Dhasmana was appointed as the head of the National Technical Research Organization (NTRO). Dhasmana will replace former Intelligence Bureau officer Satish Jha, who stepped down.

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