Saturday, December 11, 2021

Big Bang Model in Software Engineering

Big Bang Model :

In Big Bang Model, developers do not follows any specific type of process. Development begins with the necessary money and efforts in the form of inputs. And the end output may or may not meet the customer's needs, because under this paradigm, even the customer's needs aren't specified.

This style is best suited for short tasks such as academic or practical work. This model may be developed by one or two developers working together.
Big Bang Model in Software Engineering

When should you utilize the Big Bang Model?

As previously stated, when the project is small, such as an academic or practical project, this model is required. When the developer team is tiny, the requirements aren't defined, and the release date isn't verified or supplied by the client, this strategy is also employed.

Big Bang Model Advantages (Pros):

No planning is required.

Model is easy to understand.

Only a few resources are required.

It's simple to use.

Developers will like the flexibility.

Big Bang Model Drawbacks (Cons):

There is a great deal of danger and uncertainty.

For a major project, this is unacceptable.

If the criteria are unclear, it might be quite costly.

Big bang model in software engineering

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